Kubota B1820/4 13kW

Kubota B1820/4 13kW

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Kubota B1820/4 



The Kubota B1820, 4 wheel drive tractor is equipped with a 13.2kW 3-cylinder diesel engine.
This engine, with Kubota’s E-TVCS (three-vortex combustion system), offers increased power,
high torque, cleaner emissions and low noise and vibration.

High-capacity power steering offers higher torque, giving responsive control and a vibration
dampening mechanism which helps reduce fatigue and increases comfort for the operator.
Maneuverability in soft soils is also made much easier.

A 4-position (preheat/on/off/start) key-operated switch operates a solenoid to shut off the engine.
An engine-stop button is also provided for fail-safe stopping of the engine.

The B1820 newly redesigned instrument panel helps keep track of key tractor functions. The
panel back-light activates when the headlamps are turned on.

Control levers are all within easy reach for accessability and comfort. The B1820's decks have
been completely covered in durable black rubber providing extra comfort and grip.

Model comes standard with a parking brake with easy to use lever mechanism.















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